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Blue Skies

Light Sport Aircraft


Our Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) is based on the 1960-vintage Luscombe 8F Silvaire that has a long track record as a certified plane.

Our Entry level VFR Day Model 8, Blue Skies, is equipped for daylight VFR operations in congested or controlled airspace that mandates 2-way radios, transponder, and ADS-B.  Blue Skies includes the optional package with many popular features that a VFR day pilot may wish to have available: Standard equipment includes two 12.5 gallon fuel tanks, dual pilot controls, avionics master switch and essential bus, single Trig TY91 VHF comm, TT22 Mode S transponder with ADS-B, day time LED vertical fin beacon and wing strobe lights, whiskey compass, clock, oil pressure and oil temperature gauges, annunciator panel, and many others. Blue Skies is pre-wired for lights in the wing, fuselage and empennage.  Along with the standard 30 amp alternator, Blue Skies can easily be upgraded to Night VFR in the future, and power ports are provided to service portable equipment. The flat instrument panel behind the classical instrument panel harkens back to the 1941 Model 8B but conceals modern, light weight and reliable instruments and avionics.

Cruise Speed

120 mph

Max Gross Weight

1320 lbs


Two 12.5 gallon fuel tanks 4 hours plus 15 minutes of reserve


Engine & Prop

Continental O-200D-D4B

Electric starter, dual TCM/Bendix magnetos

Marvel-Schebler carburetor

Stainless steel fire wall

Stainless steel exhaust pipes

Cato fixed pitch propeller

Carburetor heat

Wings & Fuel

All aluminum wings

Two 12.5 Gal Wing Tanks

Controls & Landing Gear

Dual stick & rudder pedals with dual toe brakes

Cleveland brakes on Silflex main landing gear

API tail wheel

Interior & Accessories

Instrument panel painted to match exterior trim

Four USB charger ports and 12 aux outlet

Vinyl bench seats and painted interior

Cabin fresh air vents & control

Cabin hot air vents & control

Paint & Exterior

Single trim color over bare aluminum

UV tinted plexiglass windows

Stainless steel screw kit

Safety Equipment

Hooker harness safety belt, 4 point

Emergency locating transmitter with nav track (5)


EnerSys Hawker SBS J16 12V battery

30 amp alternator

Avionics master switch & avionics power bus


Daylight wing tip strobe light & LED vertical fin red flashing beacon




Airspeed indicator, TSO'd

Sensitive altimeter

Dash mounted whiskey compass

Slip and skid indicator


Oil press / oil temp 2-in-one gauge

Trig TT-21 mode S transponder / ADS-B

Trig TY-91 720 VHF comm radio with internal ICS

Stick mounted Push-to-talk switches


Remote oil cooler and oil sump quick drain

Sensenich ground adjustable propeller

Vernier throttle and mixture control upgrade

Composite wheel fairings and wing tips

Fiberglass wheel fairings

Presssed relief instrument panel upgrade

I-Pad preloaded with ForeFlight

Leather bench seats and interior

Polished aluminum upgrade

Essential power bus with 2nd EnerSys Hawker SBS J16 12V battery

Panel mounted vertical card compass

Dual uAvionix AV-30 EFIS (3)

Rate of climb indicator (3)

CHT/EGT 2-in-one gauge

Hobbs meter

Spin on oil filter

Engine primer

Parking brake control

Polished aluminum wheel fairings and wing tip upgrade


Retro "Luscombe" panel trim kit

Mount for pivot i-Pad case

NNB seats

Powersonics PS-1230 3 amp-hour standby battery

Sensitive altimeter, TSO'd (upgrade)

uAvionix AV-30 EFIS

uAvionix AV-20 EFIS (3)

Turn and bank indicator (3)

CHT/EGT/volt/ammeter 4-in-one

Dual Trig TC-91 VHF comm radios upgrade (1)

* Specificatioins and equipment subject to change 

To see a comparison chart of equipment and options for each model, see our model comparison here >>>


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