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Airworthiness Directives (AD's)

per the Federal Aviation Administration

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LUSCOMBE Model 8 Series Aircraft.

Before December 15, 1949

Stabilizer Spar Inspection

All Aeronca 11 Series, Champion (Aeronca) 7 Series, and Silvaire (Luscombe) 8 Series Aircraft Equipped with Cleveland Model 6:00 DMB Wheels, Assembly No. C-38500.

After initial 500 hours of operation and each 100 hours of operation thereafter

Cleveland Wheels

LUSCOMBE Model 8 Series Aircraft

Prior to May 1, 1947

Rudder Control Arm Reinforcement

LUSCOMBE Model 8 Series Aircraft

June 1, 1951, and at each annual recertification thereafter

Control Cable Inspection

Applies Only to Model 8A Serial Numbers 2201 to 2614 Inclusive; 2616 to 2632 Inclusive; 2635, 2637, 2639, 2642, and 2645.

Prior to completion of next 10 hours of operation

Control Stick Horn Adjustment Screw

All Model 8 Series Aircraft

January 15, 1949

Vertical Stabilizer Spar Fitting

Only to Model 8 Series Aircraft Equipped With Edo 60-1320 Floats.

August 1, 1947

Bulkhead Reinforcement For Seaplanes

All Model 8C Airplanes With a Continental A-75 Carburetor Engine Installed But Not Equipped With Either Wing Fuel Tanks, or an Engine- Driven Fuel Pump and the Chevrolet AC-R1 Hand Pump

Next annual inspection, but in no case later than October 1, 1951

Fuel System Modifications

Model 8 Series Airplanes Below Serial Number 5682 Equipped With Kollsman Airspeed Instruments

April 1, 1948

Kollsman Airspeed Baffle

The Don Luscombe Aviation History Foundation Models 8, 8A, 8B, 8C, 8D, 8E, 8F, T-8F Airplanes; Correction

January 27, 1997

Wing Inspection Holes

Brackett Aircraft Company, Inc. Air Filter Assemblies Installed on Airplanes

June 7, 1996

Air Filter Assemblies

Luscombe Model 8 Series Airplanes

September 19, 1994

Stabilizer Forward Attach Fitting

LUSCOMBE Model 8 Series Aircraft

May 22, 1973

Corrosion Inspection

CESSNA and SILVAIRE (LUSCOMBE) Model 120, 140, or 140A Airplanes

November 21, 1962

Cabin Heat System

LUSCOMBE Model 8 Series Aircraft

March 9, 1961

Fuel Line Interference

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