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In-Service Difficulties or Concerns

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Aircraft Identification

Criticality of Difficulty or Concern (check one)

urgent = could have serious cost mpacts or continued airworthiness, but is not an immediate safety hazard or risk to life

emergency = impact to airworthiness, Risk-to-Life, or Safety-of-Flight critical

Part Information


Related Questions

1. Does the part appear to be original from a previous Luscombe factory or PMA supplier?
2. Any history of accident or incident that may have contributed to the problem or concern?
3. Is the problem related to any existing Service Bulletins or AD’s (E.g. wing spar intergranular corrosion, etc.)
4. Is there a problem with the design or engineering?
5. In there a problem with LAC service or maintenance documentation or procedures?
6. Is there a problem with any 3rd party parts that may have been in common usage by the Model 8 Fleet?
7. If yes to #6, is the PMA’d for the Model 8, or part approved by FAA for another aircraft type? Provide details below
8. Do you suspect this may be a counterfeit part?

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