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June 19th 2019, a very interesting day to look back on. I think at least ten people asked Steve Testrake and me if we were sure we wanted to take on the challenge to bring back the Luscombe production. The answer was a definite yes and yes. We now, thanks to a great crew, have Luscombe Aircraft, Inc. operating in a 25,000 sq ft facility at the Jamestown Airport, in Chautauqua, New York.

As with almost every business, Covid-19 has slowed us down. To be sure, not being able to attend any events, as we had planned, prevented us from marketing the new company face to face with potential buyers. We really appreciate your business and support over the last year. It’s been a great move and we're ready to get this off the ground.

We are now starting the Luscombe LSA Model 8 production. We’ve had several discussions on pricing and are keeping the cost as low as possible. Steve Testrake engineered and designed a new retro dash, we’ve digitized several thousand drawings and started making parts for the new LSA.

As everyone knows we need sales to keep our crew employed. We’re looking at selling the first four(4) Luscombe LSA's at a steep discount to keep everything moving along during this Covid shut down. We look forward to hearing from you and to orders for the first four Luscombes off the assembly line.

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