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Luscombe Now

Steve Testrake of Testrake Aviation Inc. (TAI) acquired the Luscombe assets in June of 2019.  A new C Corporation, Luscombe Aircraft Corporation (LAC), was formed to hold the assets and build a new factory.  Our goal is ...



Our Steps


Our goal is to revive the Legacy of the Luscombe. We will begin by building the Model 8F as an LSA and work toward our gaining a PMA for certified Luscombe parts. Soon afterwards, we will expand to begin production of a new CAR 4 certified Luscombe 8F.

Computer Processor

Parts Inventory & Digital Archive


LAC has committed significant resources to sorting, inspecting and cataloging our parts inventory. We have also worked extensively with the professional aviation archivists at AirCorps Aviation in Bemidji, MN to develop a digital archive of Luscombe’s large collection of historical records, engineering drawings and production work orders.  We have inspected and are refurbishing production jigs and tooling to resume production of those hard-to-find parts.

3D Printing



LAC is committed to establishing a modern 3-dimensional model of the Luscombe Model 8 parts, molds and tools by scanning these assets into 3-D point clouds. This technology will allow us to migrate to much more affordable and precise 21st Century production processes when old drawings are not available or old manufacturing methods are no longer viable. When needed, we can refine these raw point-clouds into SolidWorks 3-D models which will allow us to make new molds and parts using modern CAD-CAM processes that are backed up by original CAA approved, circa 1940, velums and blue prints.

b 305.jpg

Modern Equipment

with look and feel of


LAC is working closely with numerous well-known suppliers and manufactures to establish an FAA approved Supply Chain. For example, LAC is now an approved dealer for Trig Avionics products. We are working with Trig to design factory new, and aftermarket modification kits, that will allow owners to upgrade their cockpits with modern equipment, including ADS-B transponders and ELTs, while maintaining the look and feel of the classic Model 8 cockpit. Additionally, we are developing close working relationships with the local metal working specialty shops to leverage the rich Western New York and North Pennsylvania manufacturing base. Soon we will resume manufacturing new parts for the Model 8 LSA.


Maintenance Assistance


LAC is also offering Maintenance assistance by the use of the factory tooling to Model 8 owners who desire to restore their airplanes using the original Model 8 production tooling. For those owners who cannot wait for us to earn our PMA for factory new parts, LAC is considering novel ways to provide support. Similar to the factory assistance provided by experimental kit manufactures, in some cases LAC can provide tooling and documentation to owners and operators who wish to fabricate their own parts under the provisions of FAR §21.30(b)2 and guided by AC 43-18.

Jigs set up.jpg

Assembly Facility at


We are currently operating in a 25,000 sq. ft. aircraft assembly facility in Jamestown, New York. Easy access is assured to large, paved and lighted taxiways and runways.

Built from the ground up as a Light Sport aircraft to ASTM Light Sport standards, the LSA-8 is unique in this category as an all-metal, "real" airplane originally designed and still constructed to USA CAR 4a standard airworthiness requirements

This is an exciting time for all of us here in Jamestown!

We look forward to serving the Luscombe community for many years to come.

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